Thursday, March 6, 2008

Paula's Easter Swap to Ragpatch (Joyce)

I promised pictures to show what Paula sent to Joyce. Joyce sure was happy and excited about what she got.

These bunnies will be Paula's newest pattern soon.


Kindra said...

Wow! What great prims Paula! Tammy, we have Thompsons in Deshler. Any relation? I'll have to ask my family if they every heard of the other names. I'll keep ya posted! My grandpa's name is Pete Reinboth. He has passed on but he would of been in his mid 80's. He had a trucking company and was well know in the area. My grandma's maiden name was Fegter. Don't know if that would be familiar to your mom. Chester Hubbell Byron school is consolidated with Hebron now. Many families were disappointed about that so Deshler gets a lot of area familes going to their school. No one likes Hebron...Anyways Deshler was hit by a big tornado a few years back. Destroyed several homes and buildings. But it is looking better and better with new buildings and clean up. Sorry so long but fun to meet ya!

Patty said...


~Tonya said...

Awww Look at those goodies. You are so gererous Paula. I love those little bunnies and everything else, it is just PERFECT!

Joyce is one lucky gal. I love your handmads. I have your little Spring Birdies as a center piece, on my table among some other prim good.