Saturday, May 24, 2008

Antique Ice Cream Maker

Look what my daughter found for me. I was impressed because she is not really into antiques. The date on the crank says 1910. At first I was scared to open it up but my Mom said I had to see if all the parts were there. Sure enough inside are the wooden paddles that make the ice cream. I remember wooden ice cream makers as a child but had never seen a tin one before. It makes a quart and the bucket is about the size of a paint can. I asked my Mom about it. She is 85 years old. She said she had one around 50 years ago. She described it exactly. Even the hole on the side. She said they always had to set it on a towel to crank because water would drain out that hole on the side. I love talking to our Mom about memories. Don't you wish antiques could talk to us and tell us their stories? I can almost hear children's laughter at the church picnic as Mom and Dad was cranking the ice cream maker...MMMMmmm there is nothing better than home made ice cream.

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