Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Memories Peonies and Ants

Paula remember our Peony bushes in the front yard at home? I remember we always picked a big bouquet to take to the cemetery on Memorial Day. I was reading a blog and they had a picture of their peonies in bloom and it sure brought back memories for me. As a child I remember watching them just covered in ants. Now I live in Texas and I have not seen any here. They must just grow in the cooler states. I will have to call my Mom today and remind her of our peonies.


Lana said...

Tammie and Paula, Mom always has beautiful peonies at her house and I remember the ants too, lol! I picked some yesterday and thought of her. Hope you both had a great weekend. Paula, are you too far away to come to the Lavender Festival in June?

Kindra said...

Our are about to bloom at our house in Nebraska. We had them in our yard at home when I was little. I was always scared of those ants! But these flowers remind me of my childhood too. They are very pretty!

Pond Creek Primitives said...

My Granny had several peony bushes in our yard, pink, white, and purple. I remember one summer when my brother and I were about 12 years old, my Granny hollered and hollered at him to get out and cut the grass (it was a HUGE yard, and twas LONG before riding lawn mowers) - he wasn't the least bit happy because he'd rather been fishin', and when my Granny looked out to see if he'd done his chores yet, he'd mowed down everything in the yard - including her irises, jonquils, and treasured peony bushes. Boy, howdy, was he EVER in big fat trouble !!! We still laugh about it to this very day, so ..... seeing your peony bushes brought back precious memories of my beloved Granny, and a big smile on my face remembering my brother's peony fiasco!!!

Thanks ... I needed that!