Tuesday, May 20, 2008

New Folk Art Garden Vegtables

I am excited about my new Garden Series that I have started. These two sets are listed on Ebay. Primitive Garden Ebay Link

I remember growing up how my Dad always had a really nice garden. The radishes always seemed to be the first vegetable that us kids were allowed to pull. My Mom used to love radishes on her sandwiches. We always had lots of tomatoes. Every meal we would have fresh sliced tomatoes with either sugar or salt on them. Yummmm I can almost taste them now. We always had tomatoes of all colors lined across the window sill until they were perfectly ripe to slice.

Thanks for checking us out! Tammie


Lana said...

Your veggies are great Tammie!

softinthehead said...

Those look like you just picked them they are amazing! I REALLY love them! Pam

rockriverstitches said...

Your veggies look so real!! Especially the tomatoes! Great job on them.