Sunday, June 8, 2008

Nashville Star! Watch for Melissa Lawson!

I am so excited to share with all my friends that a good friend of my daughter has made it to the final 11 contestants for the show Nashville Star. She sings at my daughter's church and has an amazing voice. Melissa is the mother of 5 boys! I can say that she not only has a beautiful voice that God blessed her with, she also has a beautiful compassionate heart and has helped our family many times. She brought our family groceries when my son-in-law was in the hospital fighting cancer. Melissa sang at my son-in-law's funeral last August and brought everyone to tears. My son-in-law, Chris, always bragged on Melissa when she sang at their church.

I hope you all will watch for her and vote. She will make the perfect Nashville Star!

Link: Melissa Lawson


Harold said...

I understand that Melissa is a very strong contender. Congratulations! Now the bad news: Finalist Justin Gaston is an underwear model hired by NBC to fill a slot and play a role. This thing is being manipulated by the network. Check out the following for more information:

Primitive Sisters said...

I hope it isn't rigged. Hopefully the fan votes will have a big part in who gets to the top. She has a huge fan base here in Texas. Tammie

Christine said...

I loved Melissa and will be rooting for her! Justin was horrible....he needs to go! Fun when you know someone who knows someone!

Robin said...

Oh wow !!I saw herperform and was BLOWN away !!! She is wonderful...Her personality and inner beauty shines through !! She is gorgeous on the outside even if she doesn't fit the " worlds" view of thinnness .. I knew there was something special about her !!!
I will pray she continues to move ahead in the competition...

primsandtiques said...

I watched the first show...and I LOVED her voice! She was actually my favorite. I will be sure to vote for her! :) Wishing her LOTS of luck!!