Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Primitive Folk Art Snowgirl and her Crow Friend on Ebay

Here is my newest creation that I am listing on ebay today! She has a lot of personality and character! Don't ya think? She can be hung on your porch or she can sit in your favorite chair.

The weather for us here in Texas is changing today and a cold front is moving in. We are suppose to get storms and cold at night and lots of wind. I think I will turn on my Christmas music and get in the mood for the holidays coming. You know for us crafters our holidays have to come so much earlier so our creations can get to you all in time to enjoy them. I am going to try to list several times a week from now through December so keep checking back. Paula will be home November 1st and she will be anxious to start making her awesome Santas again. Hope you all have a great day today! Thank you for visiting us! Tammie

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Anonymous said...

Love the quote from Grey's! That line made me cry, i love the whole Meridith Derek drama. It is so nice to see them together.. Maybe they will get married (I hope)..
Can't wait for tonight! :)