Saturday, February 28, 2009

TDIPT Mercantile Offerings for March!

Paula is offering two of these awesome primitive groupings this month. She has an awesome price on them! They will be gone probably faster than I can get these on our blog! I wish I could take pictures as good as she does. She has a special eye for that perfect prim look!

Here is the link to her groupings: TDIPT Mercantile

Here is my newest Folk Art Rabbit. His head is hand sculpted out of clay. He is a one of a kind creation. Hippity Hop Hop!

Here is the link for my rabbit: I now have him listed on Ebay.

Thanks for stopping by!


Tallowberry said...

Hi Tammie and Paula! Good luck to both of you on the Merc this month, I love your listings.

Tammie, I've never seen fruit and vegetables that weren't real look so real! I don't know how you do it but they're perfect.

Bot of you are true artists and I love seeing each new creation from you.

Take care~Diane

Anonymous said...


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